Kat Puchowska is a portraiture and travel photographer. Born in 96' in Poland, she is currently based in Barcelona, Spain, and London, United Kingdom. Kat graduated with Bachelor's degree in Art and Photography from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom and also studied at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.

Her earliest photo projects have been fashion-focused, however, with an interest in culture and travel she based her following projects around cultural, urban, and documentary photography.

Her first exhibition was titled 'Mireu Me' and the photo book where she captured images of local Catalan men from Barcelona with their own fashion style and preferred locations around the city. 'Mireu me' was exhibited in Nottingham and London in 2017.

In 2018 Kat travelled around Morocco where she captured the street life of locals in their everyday life while learning about Moroccan culture and local cuisine. A year later in 2019, she hosted an online exhibition with a selection of street portraits that were taken on a journey from north to south of Egypt.

In 2020  while travelling through Portugal she found a lot of diversity. She interacted with Indian agricultural workers who were based in small villages in Portugal called Odemira and Moncarapacho, documenting the true living and working conditions which the immigrants face in a European country.
Currently, Kat is working independently on a collection of photo essays and audiovisuals that tell unique, heartfelt stories of immigrants and refugees who reside in the city of Barcelona.